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Curtain Cleaning

Have you ever seriously looked at your curtains? Well, take a look now. Have a look at the pleats, the tresses. Examine the levels of dust and dirt that have collected over the years; smell the stale stench of dust and dirt.

Curtains are designed to get dirty. To filter out the filth in the air, so our houses are not polluted by floating dust and grime. However, we often forget this, leaving our curtains to languish, uncleaned for years!

So, let us come and clean your curtains. We won’t need to take them away or even take them down, we’ll clean them on-site, at your convenience. And there’s no need to be worried about our chemicals affecting your patterns or colouring; we’ll test on an unseen area first, to ensure that your curtains’ colour is preserved. After we’ve applied the chemicals, and loosened the dirt, we’ll vacuum the loose dust and dirt away, leaving you with brighter, cleaner curtains and a healthier home environment.