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Carpet Cleaning

Let’s face it – carpets get filthy. Dirt gets trodden in; stains get left. But once that wine stain is there, how do you remove it? How do you get your carpets sparkling clean once more? Well, here at ADB CLEANING, we’ve got the know-how and the equipment to get your carpet bright and fresh once again. We use top-of-the-line equipment, and a combination of steam cleaners and high power vacuuming to loosen and remove ground-in stains and dirt once and for all.

So, what’s the process? Firstly we isolate the area you want clean – this could be a hall, a bathroom, a living room, or even your whole house. Once we’ve cleared a space, we thoroughly vacuum the area, to ensure that any surface level dirt is removed. Next, we pre-spray the area, to remove light stains and to break up the ground-in dirt. After the dirt is thoroughly assaulted, we steam and deep scrub the area, leaving it fresh and stain free!

Aside from getting rid of those pesky stains, there are many other advantages to a deep carpet clean. It can help with allergies; it can help to preserve the warranty of your carpets – and, most importantly – it can help the look of your home. Carpets have a tendency to fade over the years – a steam clean can refresh its colour and preserve its lifespan. So, don’t let your carpets stay grey and worn – give us a call, and let us spruce it up for you!